Important Things That You Should Know About A2 Milk

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Regardless of where in the world, milk is something that is used in every family. Due to the richness of vitamins and minerals in the milk, consuming milk is highly recommended to people of all ages. Milk comes from cows, sheep and many other animals. If you prefer to drink milk that doesn’t come from animals or if you are interested in knowing the vegan options of milk, you can go ahead an get milk that is made out of coconut, rice, hemp, almond, etc.

In the recent years, scientists and consumers have been talking widely about a2 milk. This article focuses on the great benefits of milk and everything else that you need to know about a2 milk.

What differentiates a1 milk and a2 milk?

Milk is used widely because it is a really good source of protein. Casein makes up to 80% of the protein in the milk. One of the sub types are beta casein. The amount of beta casein that found a2 milk is much higher than the amount that is found in a1 milk. This makes the a2 milk easier to digest and they are healthier compared to other types of milk. As the a2 milk is easier to digest, it recommended for infants more than the normal milk. If you want the best milk for your baby, you should certainly choose to buy a2 infant formula or a bellamys infant formula which is specifically designed for babies to help them grow and to provide all their nutrient needs as well.

Another reason why a2 milk is a strongly recommended baby milk is its structure being similar to breast milk.

Where does a2 milk come from?

The next question that you will have is where the a2 milk comes from.  The a2 milk as founded in New Zealand in 2000. The milk is produced by cows who only produce a2 milk. To guarantee that a cow produces a2milk, their  hair samples are tested for the specific DNA molecule.

What are the benefits of a2 milk

Before you get a2 milk, you will be considerate about getting to know the benefits of it. If you are lactose in tolerate and if you have to go through diarrhea and other stomach discomforts every time that you get drink milk, you can avoid these discomforts when you make the change to a2 milk. Most of the studies showed that the symptoms of lactose intolerance were lower when a2 milk was consumed when compared to the consumption of a1 milk. A2 milk is definitely the milk you are looking for.