Health Benefits Of Teethers

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teething giraffe

Growing up is not easy and this statement is suitable for an infant and adult, too. Especially when the newborn baby starts growing, there initial 24 months are painstaking for babies and their parents. For example, the process of growing teeth seems to be a natural one but it is painful for the baby. The baby will experience fever, pain in mouth or stomach disturbance during this period. This will make child agitated and you will be seeing your baby crying, most of the time. As the cycle of nature, they have to go through this period and pain, there is not much medication available to provide relief to the babies. Still, there is something that might help to divert your aby attention from the pain and also provides aid in reducing it. The teether and pacifier are the tools that help your baby in their growing year. Especially when it comes to growth of teeth, the teether is just like a friend of your baby. 

The teether is usually seemed like a toy to the baby. They come in different shapes and sizes usually depicting different characters. One of the most popular teethers is Sophie the Giraffe. The teething giraffe has become the synonym for a teether. You can find teething giraffe anywhere in the world. Due to the build of the teether like the giraffe, it has more surface area for babies to chew and they make perfect toys also. But not that teething giraffe is good to divert your kids’ pain but they have other health benefits like;

  • Pain Reliever: The primary benefits of the teething giraffe, that it works as a pain reliever. During the teeth growth, the baby can feel pain in their gums but when they put the teether in their mouth and start chewing it. This activity will help to relieve the pain. Less the pain, the more comfortable your kids will feel.
  • Right, fit: The teether comes in different variety, they can be made of wood, rubber or plastic. The kids may have an allergic reaction to any material to rubber teether, so the plastic can be used as the alternate. The teething giraffe comes in all the materials. Always have an eye on the kid’s mouth when they used teether, you might see the signs of an allergic reaction due to materials of the teether. That can increase the pain of the child, change the teether as soon as possible.  
  • Prescribed by Doctors: During the teeth growth period, kids become agitated. The parents are frustrated due to the constant crying of the baby. The doctor usually prescribed teether to babies as it will help to reduce the pain. Also, the teether like teething giraffe will help baby to learn to chew and suck. They will be learning their basic living skill with help of teething giraffe.